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  • AlmaViva Winery

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  • Alto Landon

    Located in Landete, Cuenca, in  betwenn 3 provinces:Valencia, Cuenca and Teruel, up to  1080 metrers altitud.

    Our wineyards has a total of 70 hectáreas and in the middle of them, the winery. 

      ALTOLANDON philosophy is to make high quality wines, and so quality grapes. We take care everything related to grapes, from the vineyard, with organic farming , selecting the vairieties and the type of clons for each one, paying special  attention to the type of soil where every vine is planted....

    We choosed this particular place for our project because we looked for a special place where the climate and the soil were optimal for the vineyards. With our soil, climate and altitude we have 3 important and special things to get a special and healthy grapes.

    Highland wineyards give to the wines unic characteristics who make the wines specials, terroir wines, wines with own personality.


  • Angove Family Winemakers

    La bodega se fundó en 1886 y es una de las bodegas más exitosas de Australia. Desde que en 1886 el Dr. William Thomas Angove llegara a Australia proveniente del Reino Unido ya es la quinta generación de bodegueros y utilizan técnicas sostenibles y aplicadas al viñedo para cuidar el entorno.

    Founded in 1886 Angove Family Winemakers is one of Australia’s most successful wine businesses – a fifth generation family company with a tradition of excellence and an eye for the future. Our focus on sustainability in all aspect of our winery and vineyards, will ensure we are here for many generations to come. We are committed to private ownership and have confidence that remaining in family hands enables the company to be master of our own destiny and remain true to our stated organic and sustainability aims with a clear focus on building on over 125 years of winemaking excellence.

    The making of great wines begins with the soil. Soil sustains the life of a vine, providing water and nutrients that allow it to flourish and produce grapes of distinctive flavour. A healthy soil with high organic matter provides vines with healthier root systems. The variations in soil across South Australia give rise to an eclectic range of amazing sites for grape growing. From the diversities of McLaren Vale’s dark loam over limestone, sand hills, alluvial plains and black cracking clay to the Terra Rosa of Coonawarra and the Riverland. A kaleidoscope of terroirs and fruit flavours to craft.

    Angove Family Winemakers have a diverse range of vineyards across South Australia. We take a holistic approach to growing grapes, we are progressive, generational farmers and have an enduring belief that the land is both an asset and a responsibility

    We farm over 500 acres of vineyards across South Australia with one third certified organic meaning we use no artificial herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. Growing Organic grapes ensures we are sustainable, are friendly to our environment, have lower pollution and healthier soils that ultimately make better wines. The vines have naturally stronger immune systems and greater resistance to pests, insects and disease

    Our McLaren Vale plantings of Shiraz and Grenache contain vines believed to be over 100 years of age. These produce grapes with fantastic flavour and colour concentration and go in to making our top wines.

  • Aquila - La Delizia

    The story about Viticoltori Friulani La Delizia is a story of foresight, passion, diligence and tradition. The Cooperative was born on May 7, 1931 due to the first 70 charters members, who joined their forces to create a big cooperative, subscribing the Constitution Act of the Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Destra Tagliamento.

    Established in 1931 as Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Destra Tagliamento, the company Viticoltori Friulani La Delizia is the largest wine-making facility of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia.
    The company rates more than 500 wine growers with 2000 hectares of vineyards that extend throughout the Friuli plain, within the renowned "Friuli Grave" and "Prosecco" D.O.C. Areas historically vocated to the viticulture and to a production that allows to obtain wines with a strong identity and character, exported successfully in the major foreign countries.
    In a specific area of over 100 hectares are present the different varieties of grapes growned in Friuli. In collaboration with leading Research Institutes and Centres, clonal experiments are carried out and a nursery activity aimed at improving the research and the quality of the wine heritage is developed.

  • Ata Rangi

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