They say the best wine is that one which you simply like the best. And that is how we also believe it should be.

At Wines4Fun! we believe the world of wine is has to be just that; Fun!. To be enjoyed in all senses. So varied and so many different styles that there is a wine for any occasion. On your own or with friends, sparkling up a romantic dinner or a cheerful barbecue, wine always has its place. And the best of all is that original good quality wines do not have to be expensive! Neither do you have to be a wine expert to enjoy them! 

The team behind Wines4Fun! has been travelling the world for many years, over 25 to be more precise, visiting the main wine producing regions of the two hemispheres, the wineries and most of all, meeting the marvelous people who with care and dedication, and lots of patience, turn  the must into nectar. Thanks to them we have learnt about ancient traditions, fascinating winemaking techniques, hidden grape varietals and infinity of styles. Since we began, our “difficult” task has been to identify and select interesting and original wines which could enable us to embrace this fascinating world and offer you a complete and varied selection from the most interesting wine producing regions of the World. 


Charlotte Rodríguez

Charlotte has been closely attached to the world of wine since the mid eighties, when her husband and she established the first wine import company on the Costa del Sol, company that to this day remains to be a reference in the sector. Graduated in Viticulture and Oenology by the Malaga University, Member of the Executive Board of the Malaga Association of Winemaking and Wine tasting, Advanced Certified WSET and currently completing the prestigious Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma, it is her passion for wine combined with her extensive professional career what make Charlotte a well respected and renowned ambassador of this fascinating world. Over 15 years conducting a radio program on wines, press articles, wine tastings and international advice to wineries complete her background. Charlotte is a also a founding partner of Wines4Fun!

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David Ferrer

David is passionate about wine. After completing his Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Foreign Trade, his vocation took him directly to the world of wine. His hobby reached a new dimension after he became a Sommelier by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and an Advanced Certified WSET, which combined with over 10 years of international sales management for Spanish wineries, broadly expanded his knowledge on international wines. 

David is currently the Export Director for Grupo Valdecuevas winery, having fulfilled the same position in the past for prestigious wineries like Marqués de Griñón and Bodega Matarromera. He is a lecturer at the International University of La Rioja where he teaches Oenology and International Wines in the International Winemaking Business Development Expert program. David is also a founding partner of Wines4Fun!

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Christian Bungard

Christian has been connected to the wine industry almost all his life, since as a teenager working for his family’s wine import and distribution company he began to lay the paves of what was going to be a lifetime career. Since those early days his experience in the wine trade progressed in the same way his academic background did, completed his studies in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Sales and Marketing  and an Executive MBA, after which he succeeded in managing international expansion projects for several firms within the sector. Currently, Christian is the International Sales Director for the BORNOS Bodegas y Viñedos group of wineries and a founding partner of Wines4Fun! remaining closely attached to his family’s wine business. In the past he was the Export Director for the PradoRey wineries and for the Matarromera Wine Group, as well as an international business development advisor. Advanced Certified and currently completing the prestigious WSET Diploma program, his career has given him the wonderful opportunity to meet connect with extraordinary winemakers from all over the world and build a solid understanding of the international wines business.   

Christian is a lecturer at the Salamanca University and the Madrid Nebrija University, where he teaches the International Wine Marketing module. 

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