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Alto Landon

Alto Landon

Located in Landete, Cuenca, in  betwenn 3 provinces:Valencia, Cuenca and Teruel, up to  1080 metrers altitud.

Our wineyards has a total of 70 hectáreas and in the middle of them, the winery. 

  ALTOLANDON philosophy is to make high quality wines, and so quality grapes. We take care everything related to grapes, from the vineyard, with organic farming , selecting the vairieties and the type of clons for each one, paying special  attention to the type of soil where every vine is planted....

We choosed this particular place for our project because we looked for a special place where the climate and the soil were optimal for the vineyards. With our soil, climate and altitude we have 3 important and special things to get a special and healthy grapes.

Highland wineyards give to the wines unic characteristics who make the wines specials, terroir wines, wines with own personality.


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