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Wine Pairing of the week: Spaghetti al Pesto

Posted on2019-02-02 by 3787

Which wine goes best with spaghetti al pesto?

It’s a lucky day for the lovers of pasta, because the dish that we have chosen for this week’s wine and food pairing is Spagetti al Pesto, which we suggest to accompany our Haeffelin Reisling 2013, from the French region of Alsace.

This is a very tasty but easy dish to prepare. However it is very important that the basil should be fresh, and freshly cut to give maximum taste to the dish. Dried basil will not give the amount of taste necessary and the dish will lose a lot of flavour.

Ingredients necessary:

- Spagetti

- Fresh Basil

- Pine nuts

- Garlic

- Virgen Extra Olive Oil

- Parmesan Cheese

You can find the recipe in internet.

This tasty dish is a good source of carbohydrates and is low in cholesterol.

We have decided to match this dish with our Haeffelin Reisling for the following reasons;

  • - Both the Pesto prepared with fresh basil and the Riesling grape are highly aromatic making a perfect taste match.
  • - The aromas of the Riesling grape are basically floral, with peach, pineapple, honey notes with a background of minerality.  A perfect match for the intense flavours of this dish.
  • - The Parmesan cheese gives a richness to the dish that needs a wine with good acidity in order to balance the tastes. This wonderful Riesling is ideal.

Your spaghetti al pesto can be prepared in half an hour, and we hope that you enjoy  a special moment with both the dish and the wine in good company.

Dish for  2 pax: 6€

Wine at 11.51€ click here to buy

Total price for your soiree: 17.51€

Written by David Ferrer  >> Find out more >>

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