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Wine pairing of the week: Rutherford Ranch Cabernet with a beef hamburger

Posted on2020-01-23 by 2164

Who said wine and hamburgers don’t go together?

Today, we have an original pairing, one that we normally wouldn't find in any restaurant menu.

For today's pairing we have selected our RUTHERFORD RANCH CABERNET 2012. Where else would we have chosen a wine from to pair with a beef hamburger?

Rutherford Ranch Cabernet 2012 is an American wine from Napa Valley, California. This region is primarily known for its Cabernet Sauvignons, the variety of climate and soils in Napa Valley make it a very interesting region to produce great quality wines.

Our Rutherford Ranch Cabernet 2012 has cherry, blackberry and vanilla aromas with hints of dark chocolate and mint. It is a very well balanced full-body wine made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, an elegant wine with a great personality.

Being a wine from the United States, we thought that the best tribute we could pay to our Rutherford Ranch Cabernet 2012 is to pair it with a beef hamburger, American flavour at its best! Oh yeah!

We have decided to pair the Rutherford Ranch Cabernet 2012 with this dish for several reasons:

  • The wine is highly structured and has a deep robe; therefore, it needs a strong and tasty dish that measures up to its standards.
  • Beef is very juicy and tender; this juiciness when paired with the softness of the wine's tannins will make an excellent combination in your mouth.
  • Aromatically, the smokiness of the meat with the smokiness of the barrel of the Rutherford Ranch Cabernet 2012 will simply be perfect.

We hope you like it and that you enjoy it, as always, in good company.

Dinner for two (approx.): 6 €

Wine: 18,89 € Click on this link to buy.

Price for the evening (approx.): 24,89 €

Recommended for: Dinner with friends.

Written by David Ferrer >  Find out more >> 

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