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Wine pairing: Pedro Ximenez Triana VORS with Brownie

Posted on2019-12-16 by 2608

Wine pairing, Pedro Ximenez with Brownie

One Simply Sensational Wine Pairing!!


Wine Pairing of today is one of my favourites among others because the chosen wine is one of the best jewels in the world: PEDRO XIMENEZ TRIANA VORS. The VORS acronym comes from latin and means  "Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum" although in England, natural market of Sherries, these are named "Very Old Rare Sherry". According to the Regulatory Board an exceptional wine quality with and average age over 30 years.

The PEDRO XIMENEZ TRIANA VORS is elaborated with Pedro Ximenez grape variety. It's very famous in Jerez and Montilla Moriles. Once harvested, the grapes are dried in the sun turning into raisins before the wine is elaborated, leaving  notes of raisins so characteristic of these wine. Afterwards it's elaborated through the traditional Jerez system of Criaderas and Soleras.

Our PEDRO XIMENEZ TRIANA VORS is an enormously complex wine with very high aromatic intensity, aromas of black chocolate, roasted coffee and caramel, it is very dense and sweet and extremely pleasant with an infinite end. Delicious wine suitable for sweet tooth palates.

You must try this wine with a chocolate brownie, amazing pairing. Today we have decided to pair this wine with this dessert for various reasons:

- Aromatically the PEDRO XIMENEZ TRIANA VORS has a very marked chocolate aroma, among other flavours mentioned before and obviously goes great with this dessert.

- This smooth, dense and sweet wine, like a Brownie, is a sensational combination.

- We recommend the following, enjoy a piece of Brownie with a sip of wine, mix and blend both in mouth, ¡¡ AMAZING!!


We hope you like it and enjoy it always in good company.


Wine: 41,60€ To purchase click here

Occasion: dessert with friends


Written by David Ferrer  >> Find out more >>


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